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The Importance of Operational Resilience

So, just how important is operational resilience?

A recent report produced by Allianz set out their Risk Barometer for the highly regulated finance sector. From their research, they have ranked the biggest risks as:

When we speak to our customers, we often hear that they believe their operational workstreams and associated data are ‘fine because it’s in the cloud’. While their environment may be more secure with a major US cloud provider, many associated risks have just moved rather than prevented.

In addition, potentially more questions come to light because there are fundamental uncertainties around what this environment is right now and, as it is owned by another corporate body, how this may change. So, how sure are you about the following?

  • Do I know where my data is being held, which exact country, or countries?
  • How easily can I move or retrieve my data, if needed?
  • Who else has access to my data? Can a regulatory or governmental organisation (maybe from another country) get access without your authorisation?
  • Have you moved to just one Cloud supplier? If so, what would happen if that supplier cannot deliver their service?
  • If you have data across more than one Cloud platform, what would be the impact of one or more suppliers not being able to provide their service? Are there any interdependencies that could have a far wider impact?

So we’ve identified where your workloads reside as also being a potential risk to the business, so then how do we make our business more resilient?

Adam Continuity can assist with this through our UK based Public Cloud and, through our 25-years’ worth of experience in data security, offering the services and solutions to ensure that your workstreams are safe, available, and recoverable. Firstly, our cloud has 100% uptime SLA, unlike Azure’s and AWS’s 99.99%, meaning that your data will always be accessible.

In addition, wherever your data sits, on-prem, in a cloud, or multi-cloud environment Adam Continuity can take a copy of essential data and workstreams and securely copy them to our Cloud. This allows us to provide an air-gapped and immutable (WORM) data set, which cannot be affected by cyber-attacks and allows the ability to recover back to your original destination or into our cloud DRaaS platform.

Our services and expertise allow us to help you identify ways to make your cloud instances more resilient, highlight any gaps in recovery plans that might impact how your business reacts to disruption, and finally, provide recovery specialists to be on hand should you suffer any downtime.

This solution is underpinned by our Cloud offering, CenterpriseCloud. We can provide the ideal location for both your primary and backup data. Here are some important take-away facts:

  • We are Located within the UK only, so you know where your data is at all times
  • We have zero egress charges, allowing the flexibility to move and use your workstreams.
  • Our BaaS service provides a secure location for your hybrid/multi-cloud data.
  • Our DRaaS service is PAYG cloud infrastructure, so it is much cheaper and ready to deploy quickly should you need to recover your important data.

If you want to understand more about how we can help you make your data more secure, check out our extensive library of blogs, contact us <here>, or pick up the phone and speak to one of the team today by calling 01256 378001

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