Work Area Recovery – “Providing business as usual”

Client Story

Ensuring that you can get your data back after a disaster is one of the cornerstones of any continuity plan. In addition, the ability to maintain office capability to keep the business running is just as crucial. With ADAM Continuity Office Recovery Suites (Work Area Recovery) your staff will be able continue their normal operations whatever the crisis.
ADAM Continuity has access to Recovery locations throughout the British Isles ensuring options close to your business location. Each office suite includes desks, phones, PC, printing and fax facilities, internet connectivity and the use of meeting rooms, kitchens and breakout areas. Importantly ADAM’s offices fully complement the entire recovery service portfolio, with access to On Demand and Cloud solutions via our resilient WAN infrastructure.


ADAM provide Work Area Recovery locations throughout the UK. Providing ready-to-use connected workspace for staff in key business Areas.
Our Work Spaces are subject to exclusion zones, minimising the risk that two neighbouring entities will invoke simultaneously.
An up-to-date PC image of the client’s “standard desktop build” is held and then restored to all provided workstations, providing a seamless experience for end users.
Each ADAM suite includes desks, telephony, PC’s, printing, internet connectivity and access to our supporting Recovery Solutions via WAN infrastructure. All facilities also include the use of meeting rooms, kitchen and breakout areas.
Emergency transport can also be provided, ensuring that staff can get to and from DR site every day further minimising disruption.


Work Area Recovery Locations At:

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