Ship-to-Site Recovery
With over 25 years of experience, ADAM Continuity’s Ship-to-Site service is an industry-leading solution. Underpinned by our fleet of vehicles, ADAM’s technical specialists shall ensure that, in an emergency, we deliver replacement IT infrastructure to your designated premises within contracted SLAs.
Whether this is an individual server or, in the case of a major incident, your entire IT environment, you can rely on ADAM Continuity to help you minimise any disruption.



Lose less productivity and experience less downtime by having a duplicate infrastructure ready to go in the event of an emergency.

Complete Flexibility

We will adjust with your ever-changing infrastructure and work with you to meet your strategic needs.

Assured Performance

We constantly invest in the latest equipment from the most reputable brands, and we can guarantee to equal or exceed the performance of your IT infrastructure.

Peace of Mind

Our industry-leading contractual response times ensure that you back to business-as-normal as quickly as possible.

UK-wide Coverage

Our infrastructure recovery solutions can be shipped to site anywhere in the UK and Ireland, in accordance with your business continuity plan.

Expert Assistance

With over 25 years of experience, we will provide a dedicated Engineer to assist you to recover your infrastructure and minimise any downtime.

What's Available?

Fully Managed

Fully managed ship-to-site recovery service providing a replacement of your essential systems shipped straight to your designated premises in the event of an emergency.

Annual Rehearsals

Annual rehearsals with your replicated infrastructure to ensure that your back-up process is airtight and SLAs are being met.

Mobile Recovery

Complement with our Mobile Recovery platforms to get access to a mobile computer room, complete with generator and UPS.

Mobile Data Centre Solutions

Mobile Data Centre solutions provide a dismountable modular data centre is deployed at your designated premises, and scaled to meet your requirements.