Ship-to-Site – “Delivering your IT infrastructure”

Client Story

“A large Local Authority with multiple office locations giving them the ability, in concept, to distribute a back-up service between their sites. However, but due to budget constraints, the cost of running a duplicate replicating servers was deemed prohibitive.”
The client worked with ADAM and provided an inventory of equipment that could be deployed to various office addresses when invoked, therefore providing a comprehensive continuity plan across all locations. To meet their required business SLAs, this fully managed service would be deployed within 4 hours. This cost-effective and robust solution met their requirements and provided a replacement platform for their entire virtualised IT environment.


  • Cost-Effective Solution – ADAM Continuity’s S-t-S service provides our customers with the confidence and security that duplicate infrastructure can be physically built and installed, and their data restored to allow them to return to business-as-usual.
  • Contracted SLAs – Industry-leading contractual response times will ensure that your equipment is onsite more quickly than any other provider.
  • Flexible – We will change with your ever-changing infrastructure and work with you to meet your strategic needs.
  • Annual Rehearsals – We shall fully manage a rehearsal of your replicated infrastructure to ensure your back-up solution is working to provide confidence if an incident ever arrives.
  • UK Wide Coverage – We shall deliver to your contracted locations, wherever they are in the UK, to meet your business’ recovery expectations.
  • Asset Investment – ADAM Continuity is constantly investing in new equipment, manufactured by the most reputable brands, and we guarantee to equal and exceed your own IT infrastructure.

Service Overview

With over 25 years’ experience ADAM Continuity’s Ship-to-Site service is an industry-leading solution. Underpinned by our fleet of vehicles, ADAM’s technical specialists shall ensure that, in an emergency, our customers’ replacement IT infrastructure is delivered to their designated premises within contracted SLAs.
Be ensured that at ADAM Continuity we manage our inventory to ensure our syndication levels are low so whether our customers want to rehearse or invoke we shall have their equipment ready to go.
As with all our services, our Ship-to-Site solution is a fully managed service, meaning that you can trust us to recover your essential systems on your behalf, in a professional and timely manner. In addition, this core service can be complemented by our Mobile Recovery platforms that provides a mobile computer room to your location, complete with generator and UPS.