Immutable Data and Air Gapping

Malware, ransomware and other forms of cyber-attacks have advanced since 2019, and the threat to primary and secondary (replicated) data is far greater than ever. More so, as digitisation increases and data becomes a more valuable asset to your organisation, then the protection of that data increases too, and having an off-site basic backup may no longer be good enough.

Years ago, backing up to tape provided this air-gapped solution by allowing data to be written to a format that, once written and stored in a secure place, cannot be modified after creation. This may still be an option for some, but it is now old technology and may not comply with a more ‘cloud-first’ strategy. ADAM can now provide this solution in the cloud, using S3 object-based storage, ensuring that data cannot be destroyed (deleted, overwritten or encrypted) and providing a fail-safe option to your backup, all at a low operational cost.

One of the ways that ADAM Continuity can achieve this is through the Veeam solution, and as an Official Veeam Cloud Services Provider and Value-added Reseller since 2012, we have the in-house expertise to provision the most secure solution to meet your needs.



Immutable data provides the maximum assurance that your data is safe from cyber-attacks and malicious activity.


Your data is encrypted and located in enterprise infrastructure storage providing greater protection.


Immutable data ensures that data cannot be doctored or maliciously changed allowing it to meet statutory and regulatory expectations.


Immutable data provides another secure source of information that can be recovered from and tested, to check its integrity.


Providing an extra layer of security that cannot be achieved by merely replicating and backing-up data between two devices.

Low Cost

The solution can be tailored to meet your requirements and budget and is operationally better value than a tape solution.

What's Available?

Fully Managed Solution

ADAM Continuity will migrate this solution into your environment and oversee the service, providing daily monitoring and reporting plus recovery assistance if ever the data needs to be retrieved.


This air-gapped solution can be seamlessly integrated into your overall backup service making it far easier to oversee and manage.

Beyond 3-2-1

Best practice suggests you should have 3 copies of data, on 2 types of media, with 1 copy offsite. Unfortunately, this is insufficient if that data has the ability to be compromised by malware. Having an additional immutable (read-only) copy is vitally important.