Veeam Cloud Backup & Recovery

ADAM Continuity are an official Veeam Cloud Service Provider (VCSP). Veeam are global leaders in backup solutions, and together we deliver seamless cloud management for virtual, physical, and multi-cloud infrastructures through our Veeam Cloud Backup & Recovery solutions.

Through this relationship, we provide our customers with Veeam licensing, solution design and implementation, and managed services.

If you are already using Veeam for your DR then our Veeam-Cloud environment can be used as a second or third target for your data for added security and providing functionalities such as off-site air-gapped and immutable data copies.

ADAM’s Veeam environment is located in our CiCloud, and combining this enterprise infrastructure with Veeam’s market-leading solutions and ADAM Continuity’s 25+ years’ of experience in DR ensures that your organisation will have the full confidence that your data is safe and quickly recoverable.

With ADAM Continuity, you combine Veeam Cloud Backup & Recovery with enterprise infrastructure and a level of knowledge and expertise. All combined, this makes the whole package second to none and guarantees your company’s operational resilience.


Utilise the Cloud

ADAM can provide your primary backup target, or an additional location, for your Veeam instance. This secure solution enables a fast recovery into our purpose built DRaaS infrastructure.


Utilising our CiCloud environment we can embed an Air-Gapped and Immutability resilience into your data solution

Cost Effective

Only pay for what you use with our flexible subscription based licencing and services. Or use your existing Veeam licence as your gateway to our Veeam Cloud.

Stay in Control

Chose to manage your Veeam solution yourselves via the online Backup Console, or rely on ADAM’s expert team to provide a fully managed service.


Your Veeam solution will be supported 24/7 for recovery and invocation to ensure the fast restoration of your workstreams and mitigating any downtime.

What's Available?

Veeam Backup & Replication - Cloud Capabilities

Annual rehearsals

Annual rehearsals with your replicated infrastructure to ensure that your back-up process is airtight and SLAs are being met.