MS365 Backup

Running core applications and processes, as well as storing key data in the cloud, can be a massive efficiency and cost saver for your business – but you still have to be vigilant around ensuring you can be back to “business-as-usual” in the event of an incident. Services like Microsoft Office 365 provide powerful productivity tools for businesses with the flexibility and security of the cloud. With all the benefits they bring, unfortunately, these services are not backed up as standard, and you shouldn’t rely on the same cloud for backup. It’s your responsibility to ensure there is no single point of failure and your responsibility to recover your key data in the event it’s lost or breached.
Get the ultimate peace of mind with your cloud services. ADAM Continuity provide fast, fully automated and secure cloud-to-cloud backup solutions for Office 365 and G Suite for Business.


Peace of Mind

Microsoft Office 365 is not backed up as standard, so our solution ensures you are kept up and running, even if your instance is compromised.

Fast Restore

Should you need it, we can restore your data in one click, getting back on track as soon as possible. Our advanced search functionality also helps us locate and restore specific items and files quickly.

High Level of Security

Your data is encrypted and stored in our AES 256-bit encrypted secure cloud using the Microsoft API. Our secure backup also helps give your business an extra level of protection from threats like ransomware.


Your cloud-to-cloud backup solution can grow with you, and we can start backing up new user data within seconds.

Complete Control

Export all of your data at any time at the click of a button.

Cost Saving

Our solution is more cost effective when compared like-for-like with the Microsoft Hosted Exchange In-Hold option.

What's Available?

Fully automated backup 3 times per day using the Microsoft API​

Highly secure, encrypted backup of your Office 365 data

Backup data from O365 Exchange, OneDrive and SharePoint