The importance of Business Continuity

As the current uncertainty of the world attests to, the number of potential dangers to businesses seems to be on the rise, whether it be global pandemics, civil unrest, or cyber-terrorists. The ever-growing reliance on detailed networks of technology exposes organisations to the full range of hazards.

By creating a business continuity plan, you can manage […]

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Designing a Back-Up and Recovery Procedure

A back-up and recovery procedure reduces the time taken to recover lost data. Servers, storage area networks (SANs) and network-attached storage (NAS) topologies, are just a few storage methods that make a successful backup and restore management a tough task for even the most experienced specialists.
Read on for a step-by-step breakdown on creating the perfect […]

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Business Continuity Readiness: Risk Awareness Levels

Our Business Continuity Planning Consultant recently brought our attention to the Cooper Colour Code, for companies to gauge their Risk Awareness levels when identifying and building their Business Continuity (BC) frameworks.

The Cooper Colour Code consists of 4 conditions; white, yellow, orange and red.


Condition White

In condition white, you are relaxed and unaware of what is […]

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Achieving Better Backup and Replication with Veeam and DRaaS

Without a reliable backup and replication solution, if confronted with a disaster, whether that be human error or a natural disaster organisations are at risk of downtime, data loss and lack of productivity. It is therefore crucial, to have a solution in place for critical data and applications to ensure that they are secure, safe […]

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When you least expect it…

I was driving up to our Hemel Hempstead Work Area Recovery offices a few weeks ago en-route to meet a prospective client  and I found myself driving past the old Bruncefield oil terminal. It’s an interesting story from a DR point of view:
16 Years ago on the 11th December 2005 Tank 912 at the […]

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