We are a Specialist Business Continuity & Disaster Recovery Provider

Disaster recovery and business continuity planning are essential processes that help organisations prepare for any type of occurrence that could interrupt everyday business activities. Our tailored business continuity solutions will keep your company up and running through incidents of any kind: power failures, IT system crashes, natural disasters, supply chain problems and more.


Here, we make sure you get the best of all solutions available on the market today. We provide Traditional Disaster Recovery Services that are essential, and all-new Cloud Based Services that help you to recover your data to any location on the globe.

Traditional DR Services

Traditional Disaster Recovery (DR) Services are a fundamental part of beginning to cover all the essential bases of recovery. There are certain elements that cloud services just cannot supply - like the physical space needed for large teams to commune and work as a group, or the physical equipment capable of replacing anything you have that could be lost in an incident. For ultimate security, many of our customers look at the following services we supply :


Office Recovery Site Solutions >

Mobile Recovery Solutions >

Ship To Site Solutions >

Cloud Based DR Services

Cloud Based DR Services are fast becoming to go-to recovery services for organisations to instantly replicate and recover data to any connected location on the planet. We offer a host of the latest in replication technologies and add an essential support layer, allowing us to fully manage any crisis you may encounter. All services are tailored to your organisation; we don't believe in a one-size-fits-all solution, because all businesses are different. Take a look at the following sections to see how our Cloud Based Services could help:


Replication For Recovery >

Cloud Backup & Recovery >

NetApp Replication >

Fully Managed Disaster Recovery Services

Our Fully Managed Services carry our stamp of approval, which signifies that they carry three core  modules for each customer, no matter which service is required. Managed Rehearsals means you'll always have regular practical on-site and virtual cloud rehearsals within your contract. Managed Services means you'll have a contact here at ADAM, available 24/7 with a proactive attitude to your needs and developments as a company, always testing and checking services are working correctly. Managed Recovery means, during an invocation of any kind, we'll manage every step of the recovery process.

Rehearse Rehearse Rehearse!


Every agreement includes a minimum of one annual rehearsal with no risk of disruption to production systems. ADAM fully manages your rehearsal, recovering your entire environment for you and your end users to test.


We Know Recovery.

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“Our clients are not a number, our contracts are more than paper.... For us it is about flexibility and delivering an excellent client experience.”


– Duncan Templeton

Managing Director of ADAM Continuity



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ADAM Continuity has been recovering clients since 1994 with over 400 successful invocations and recoveries. We have never failed in recovering a client; this success has been built out of years of experience in recovery.


We Know Recovery.

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