I was driving up to our Hemel Hempstead Work Area Recovery offices a few weeks ago en-route to meet a prospective client  and I found myself driving past the old Bruncefield oil terminal. It’s an interesting story from a DR point of view:
16 Years ago on the 11th December 2005 Tank 912 at the facility was being filled with petrol. It’s level gauge was defective as was a safety system intended to prevent over filling. Petrol overflowed from the tank, petrol fumes formed a vapour cloud and there was an explosion.
Business Impact
Fujifilm, Northgate Information Solutions, (who at the time provided major services to Public Sector), both had major office sites rendered totally unusable. Keystone Distribution and 3Com also lost major office sites. I had peripheral involvement in the measures that  two large organisations had to take to keep running at the time, and I remember that six months later, one organisation was still in temporary office space and using temporary leased IT hardware.
These kind of events are “black swan events” but you have to plan for them.
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