According to the Business Continuity Institutes 2018 Horizon Scan the ten top threats to Businesses in 2018 are:

  1. Cyber Attack
  2. Data Breach
  3. Unplanned IT and telecom Outages
  4. Interruption to Utility Supply
  5. Adverse Weather
  6. Act of Terrorism
  7. Security Incident
  8. Fire
  9. Supply Chain Disruption
  10. Transport Network Disruption.

Over the next few weeks, The team at Adam are  going to pick each one of these in turn and list out some mitigations that Adam Continuity can help you implement.


Source – The Business Continuity Institutes 2018– Horizon Scan

Starting with:


Transport Network Disruption

This is a broad topic and it’s impact on a business very much depends on which aspects of a business depend on the transport network that is disrupted:

If it’s “man-power” being disrupted. Failure to get staff to where they need to be is a common problem, snow, rain, strike and more esoteric events can lead to an empty office or an unusable office and substantial loss of both earnings and face. There are two mitigation approaches here: Facilitate infrastructure that can support homeworking or have a contingency measure  that provides an alternate location for teams to work from.

  • Centerprise and Adam Continuity can help you design, implement and manage Mobile and Remote working solutions. Going beyond the simple wires and hardware by helping you develop security policies and Acceptable use policies for your staff. We have experience spanning from MOD through FCA / MIFID compliance in this field. Many of these solutions are delivered by our  23 Technology Business Unit (
  • Adam Continuity operates a number of Work Area Recovery sites throughout the UK and Ireland – These sites are fully configured with Desks, IT, Telephony, Meeting Rooms etc and access is offered on an annual contract basis. Should you “loose” a site you can redeploy into our Work Area Recovery Centre as part of your Business Continuity Plan. We have seen invocations triggered by failed on site hardware, horrifically blocked sewers, utility outages etc.

If it’s “Distribution” being disrupted. This is more of an operational resilience issue than a Business Continuity Issue. We offer consultancy to clients, helping them isolate potential threats and build operational contingencies to mitigate any potential impact. If there is digital transformation work to be considered following this work, we are uniquely positioned to be able to execute that work, leveraging our partnerships with Dell, Lenovo, HP, Sophos etc.


Supply Chain Disruption

There is a hidden recipe for your company’s success in this one  – ISO 22301 Business Continuity Management System. Being able to demonstrate and evidence a robust Business Continuity Pan as well as a mature risk analysis is a huge competitive advantage when justifying your services. Giving your sales team and Bid management teams the ability to demonstrate robustness and qualify value in your service is a gift, and a key cost objection handling tool. Adam Continuity can help you achieve ISO 22301, and as we hold ISO 22301 and 9001 certification, elements of our standard practice can form elements of your standards.

Matt Weetman