We want to give you an update on how the UK withdrawing from the EU on 1st January 2021 could impact IT. ADAM Continuity (part of Centerprise International) have been informed by a number of vendors that they expect a delay of up to 8 weeks in the supply of goods following the withdrawal.

With the impact of Coronavirus already impacting the supply of products due to increased demands, any projects planned for early-2021 need to be reviewed more urgently and orders placed to ensure you can still meet your timescales. We appreciate that many budgets won’t be available until the New Year and, if this is the case, Centerprise have a number of finance and as-a-service models that will allow orders to be placed now and the costs amortised, to help minimise any budget and cash flow constraints.

Also, be aware of the Desktop-as-a-Service (DaaS) solution provided by Centerprise, whereby not only can we buy-back your current infrastructure but we can lease/rent new equipment to your organisation and wrap-around true value-add services such as a fully managed solution, including asset lifecycle management, imaging, service desk, break-fix and security; all of which will ensure that your staff have equipment that works, which in turn minimises any downtime, and allowing your business to focus on its core capabilities. Allow us to help you move away from a capex to an opex model.

Please contact us to discuss any potential projects you have planned, and how we can work together to ensure they are delivered in time.