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Data Backup & Recovery

Elevate your data security with our enterprise-grade cloud backup and recovery solutions.

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Immutable & Air-Gapped

By employing immutable and air-gapped copies of your data, minimise the risk and impact of potential breaches.

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MS365 Protection

Shield your Microsoft 365 and G-Suite from permanent data loss due to cyber-attacks and user mistakes.

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Work Area Recovery

Relocate your team to our dedicated sites following any incident for uninterrupted operations.

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to Site

Ensure resilience for your on-premises IT equipment with our convenient delivery service right to your door.

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Consultancy Services

Get expert support with your BC & DR plans, testing, regulations, and security.

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Business Continuity, Cloud Backup and Recovery Services

When it comes to the data that runs your business – there should be no compromise. ADAM Cloud and Continuity help businesses get the ultimate peace of mind when it comes to their critical data and applications. Our range of fully managed cloud backup and disaster recovery services helps organisations to be secure, safe, and productive, no matter what happens.

ADAM Cloud and Continuity provide reliable off-site back-up, proven work area recovery, and our award-winning mobile data centre recovery solution helps you to provide an uninterrupted service when you need it most.


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