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In today’s competitive environment, every organisation has to ensure seamless, reliable and effective business continuity in the event of an outage. The economic, regulatory, legal issues and the potential risk to your company’s reputation of failing to do so are well documented.

At ADAM, we have over 25-years of experience in ensuring your business can continue to operate under any circumstance, from a simple mishap to a full-blown disaster.

We understand that in the event of any kind of system loss it is all about people. It’s about how our expert team of Specialists and Account Managers react, how we understand your environment and how we interact with your business, people and processes.

It’s all about being prepared. New technologies, business processes and partnerships, combined with a raised level of importance for testing and a full appreciation of what Cloud solutions can and can’t do for business continuity, are essential to new thinking around avoiding the impact of an unplanned service interruption.

Contact us today to speak to an ADAM representative for more information on a bespoke business continuity solution for you and your business needs.

Backup (Draas)

We manage your encrypted
data to our secure off-site

Ship-to-Site Recovery

Quickly delivering IT equipment and solutions to you in an emergency

Work Area

In a crisis utilise our UK-wide Recovery Suites to continue business-as-usual

Consultancy Services

Innovative approach to
maximise your businesses
continuity plans

Mobile Data Centre Recovery

Rapidly delivering mobile data centre services to your location to achieve your IT needs

Hybrid Cloud Backup & Recovery

On-premise and off-site replicated data providing fast recovery options

Cloud-to-Cloud Backup Services

Securely backup and restore your MS Exchange, SharePoint and OneDrive data

High Availability Recovery Services

Frequently replicate your data off-site and confidently recover on-demand