According to a recent Ransomware study undertaken by Datto, 95% of IT service providers’ customers fell victim of a strain of Crypto in the past 12 months. What is Crypto? It is a type of ransomware that will take your files hostage by ‘scrambling’ the contents, it then demands a ransom in exchange for a decryption key which, ‘if’ it works, is applied to restore the files. Here are some basic tips to help you recover from this situation and may allow you to get back-to-business-as-usual without parting with valuable Bitcoins:

  • Firstly, make sure your front-line anti-virus software is constantly updated with the latest upgrade patches. Now think ‘continuity’.
  • Use an alternative device to take independent backups of your primary data, and preferably get this secondary data securely and quickly off site.
  • Understand your stakeholder’s data continuity requirements – for example, what is the maximum period of time their business unit could survive if important data is lost?
  • Ensure that your backup solution takes regular backups throughout the day (meeting your stakeholder needs) to minimise potential data loss.
  • Now, you need to question whether your current backup solution offers fast restore times, getting your data up-and-running again, this will minimise your company’s downtime and any long-term impact.
  • Once again, make sure your fully up-to-date AV software is run on your primary systems, ensuring they are all clean, before recovering your data.

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Written by Duncan Templeton, Director, Business Development, Private Sector. Centerprise International.

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