Mobile Data Centre Recovery – “We bring the server room to you”

Client Story

“After an extensive continuity plan review (undertaken by ADAM Continuity consultants) a large County Council realised that, in the event of a major disaster, they had limited options available to them to host a temporary IT environment.”
The solution was for ADAM Continuity to provide equivalent syndicated equipment, matching or bettering their existing environment and, in addition, upon invocation, this hardware is installed into an ADAM Mobile Data Centre. Governed by contracted SLAs, this Mobile Data Centre is then deployed to the Council’s office location and is connected to their existing network. The customer is then able to continue to work without the data leaving the vicinity and their staff ever leaving their desks.


  • Service Level Agreements- Contracted SLAs ensure that the Mobile Office and equipment is on-site and on-time, meeting your expectations.
  • Uninterrupted Communications- Each Mobile Unit has its own in-built generator and UPS ensuring you have continued access to your data.
  • Closed Network- If your establishment does not allow external network access then this on-premise solution could meet your regulatory needs.
  • Good Value- A far cheaper solution than having a dedicated cold or warm standby service based at a secondary data centre.
  • Location- On invocation your IT environment and data is in-situ at your preferred location allowing easy access and flexibility to integrate to your primary servers.

Service Overview

Complementing our Ship-to-Site service, our Mobile Recovery Solutions provide a syndicated mobile computer centre to your business premises. Complete with an in-built generator and UPS, this class-leading solution will provide you an uninterrupted data service.
Be assured that upon invocation our experts will be on-site to assist with the implementation of the solution and ensure that it is quickly provisioned, minimising any disruption of your day-to-day activities.
Our award winning Service Delivery Team work with you to create a mobile recovery plan that suits your needs. This consultative approach includes site surveys, which will lead to you receiving a full report detailing what would happen if the service were invoked. Therefore, during a rehearsal or invocation, we will ensure that the delivery and set-up will be fully understood and trouble free.
All ADAM Continuity contracts include an annual rehearsal entitlement, allowing you to test your contingency plans and prove your investment to your stakeholders.