Mobile Data Centre Recovery
Consistent, secure access to your business-critical data is vital to ensuring that you stay productive. In the event that your core data is not available or compromised in some way, having a reliable backup solution in place that will help you stay connected to your most important data is key.
Stay connected in any situation. ADAM Continuity’s mobile data centre recovery service complements our ship-to-site recovery service, and provides you with a syndicated mobile data centre straight to your designated premises, helping you minimise downtime and interruption.

What’s included:

  • Industry-leading mobile data centre shipped directly to your premises
  • Capacity for around 18 servers and 40kVA of power
  • In-built generator and UPS providing an uninterrupted service
  • An audit of your site to ensure the best solution
  • Annual rehearsals allowing you to test your contingency plan and demonstrate ROI to your stakeholders


  • Minimise downtime – get uninterrupted access to your critical data in the event of an emergency.
  • Guaranteed service – we contract all of our services against strict, industry-leading SLAs to ensure your equipment arrives on site, on time.
  • Value for money – a more cost-effective solution than having a dedicated cold or warm standby service at a secondary data centre.
  • We come to you – get access your replicated IT environment and data in-situ at your preferred location, allowing easy access and seamless integration to your primary servers.
  • Experts in our field – our award-winning Service Delivery Team work with you to create a bespoke plan and ensure we’re meeting both your expectations and the requirements of your business continuity plans.
  • Secure – an on-premise solution to meet your regulatory needs if your establishment doesn’t allow external network access.

Who we’ve helped:

We support a large county council with their disaster recovery plan by providing a mobile data centre recovery solution. We provide syndicated equipment, matching or bettering their existing environment, which in the event of challenge is installed into our mobile data centre. In accordance with strict SLAs, this data centre is then deployed to their office location and connected seamlessly and securely to their existing network.
“After the ADAM Continuity consultants conducted their extensive continuity plan review, we realised that in the event of a major disaster, we had limited options available in order to host a temporary IT environment. ADAM’s mobile data centre solution allow our employees to continue working without the data leaving our vicinity, and without having to leave their desks.”

Don’t compromise on backup and recovery.