Managed Backup & Recovery – “Every month we manage over 40,000 backup jobs”

Client Story

A London based Brewery and Hospitality company needed a simple solution to update their legacy tape-driven server back-up. Their aspiration was to have a fully managed off-site back-up of their key virtualised servers.
ADAM provided a vault-based solution, taking regular snapshots, at a server level, and transferring these encrypted files to our secure site. These images can then be retrieved and restored at a “Bare Metal Level” to ADAM’s syndicated hardware or DRaaS Cloud solution when required. This solution also allows the customer to regularly rehearse, providing them the confidence that their solution works and meets their needs.

Managed Backup (Draas)

  • Increased Productivity – Large internal cost savings and efficiencies from the opportunity-cost of redeploying manpower to other core services.
  • Secure Offsite Data – Move away from unreliable onsite tape-based technology to one that sends your encrypted data to our secure Tier-3 data centre protecting all your company’s vital information.
  • Quicker Recovery – With ADAM holding your offsite data we can start to restore it to our local infrastructure.
  • Cost-Effective – Better value of more on-demand products and ensure safe and secure offsite data storage and recovery solutions.
  • Fast File Recovery – With an onsite client storing short-term encrypted data and longer-term data held in the ADAM Cloud it provides our client options to quickly restore lost or corrupted files.
  • Fully Managed Service – Our pool of Specialists and ADAM’s Service Desk will provide a complete end-to-end solution throughout your contract engagement.
  • Industry Experts – ADAM Continuity’s vast experience in this industry means that our customers have full confidence in their backup and recovery regime.
  • Reduce Risk – Minimise risk by undertaking our fully managed rehearsals.

Service Overview

Implementation of an effective data back-up regime is a key requirement for many organisations who must meet their legal, audit and regulatory responsibilities.
The key to this service is the underlying software technologies used by ADAM. Using vendors such as Datto, Evault and Veeam and our experience gained by extensively using these products over many years has allowed ADAM to create and deliver industry-leading solutions.
  • Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS) – ADAM can restore backed-up virtual machines to ADAM infrastructure and then allow access via extensive network connectivity. This is fully managed and delivered to contracted SLA’s.
  • Rehearsals – All ADAM contracts include annual testing. This provides confidence and proves the robustness of your Business Continuity plan and ensuring it meets your stakeholder’s objectives.
  • Local Instance and Offsite Data Storage – High-speed recovery of files is achievable from a local client or longer-term retrieval is accomplished from ADAM’s secure offsite Cloud.