Managed Data Backup (Draas)
As a modern business, your data is critical to everything you do. Not only is an effective data back-up regime essential in avoiding loss of productivity and profit, it’s also key to meeting your legal, audit and regulatory requirements.
Don’t compromise with your data. ADAM Continuity provides an industry-leading managed backup and recovery solution powered by industry-leading technologies.

What’s included:

  • Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS) – fully managed, cloud-based back up and recovery. We will back-up and restore data and virtual machines to our infrastructure and then allow you access via extensive network connectivity, fully managed and delivered to contracted SLAs.
  • Rehearsals – annual testing of your backup and recovery infrastructure against your business continuity plan to ensure you’re meeting your objectives.
  • Local instance and off-site data storage – high-speed recovery from local client or longer-term retrieval from our off-site cloud backup storage.


  • Increased efficiency and productivity – realise significant internal cost savings and efficiencies by redeploying key resources away from internal backup and recovery to other core services.
  • Reduced risk – minimise the risk of loss of productivity, profit and confidentiality with a fully secure, cloud-based back-up service. Our annual rehearsals ensure the robustness of the solution and approach, ensuring your business continuity plan is executed to meet your stakeholders’ objectives.
  • Be more secure – move away from unreliable on-site tape-based technology and back-up your critical encrypted data in our secure Tier-3 data centre.
  • Quicker recovery – we hold your encrypted data off-site, meaning quicker recovery to our local infrastructure. Vital day-to-day files are stored on-site, while longer-term data is held in the cloud, giving you more options to quickly restore lost or corrupt files.
  • Fully managed service – be supported by our team of experts and our dedicated, UK-based service desk for an end-to-end solution and ultimate peace of mind.
  • Industry experts – over 25 years of experience providing data backup and recovery solutions, and a trusted provider to both public and private sector organisations.

Who we’ve helped:

We provide a London based Brewery and Hospitality company with a fully managed off-site back-up of their key virtualised servers – replacing their legacy tape-driven server back-up.
“ADAM provided a vault-based solution, taking regular snapshots at a server level, and transferring these encrypted files to their secure site. These images can then be retrieved and restored at a “Bare Metal Level” to ADAM’s syndicated hardware or DRaaS Cloud solution when required. This solution also allows us to regularly rehearse our recovery procedure, providing us with complete confidence that the solution works and meets our needs.”

Don’t compromise on backup and recovery.