I have been looking at Backblaze’s disk stats recently. Backblaze are an online backup company who publish stats on the failure rates of the hard drives they use to provide their storage infrastructure. Every quarter they publish a list of the drives they have, how many days usage they have and how many failed. Every quarter it makes shocking reading. The 2017 roundup gave an annualized failure rate of 1.65%. That’s roughly 1 in 50 of the drives they have in their production environment failing every year.
I could pick holes in the figures and the methodology, (Backblaze don’t use enterprise drives for example, which means the load must be large), but realistically are all your critical drives Enterprise? (even that one in the remote office PBX?).
At some point, an important drive will fail on you. Having a backup is step one of mitigating its impact. The difference between DR from someone like us is that we will rehearse the recovery, so when that drive does fail, you know you can get the business back up and running.
Matt Weetman, Business Development Manager.
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