Organisations, like yours, have probably made cloud strategy a more important priority in the past 12 months and this has probably been expedited due to increased reliance on remote working due to the Coronavirus. It is common knowledge though that there isn’t a ‘one shoe fits all’ approach when it comes to migrating to the Cloud and you will probably end up with a hybrid solution.

There will be certain workstreams, types of data, and applications that cannot go into the Cloud due to their sensitivity, required processing speeds, regulatory needs or based in legacy proprietary – to name but a few.

With this in mind, there will always be a need to keep certain IT hardware on-premise, and this may manage some of the most important operations for your company, and therefore you need to ensure that there is the correct resilience in place.

Realistically how long can your organisation manage with these applications being inaccessible, and what would the long-term consequences be?

ADAM Continuity’s Ship-to-Site solution will ensure that you have equivalent replacement equipment at your premises within 4-6 hours and therefore minimising any downtime.

By utilising our backup and recovery solutions we’re able to take nightly backups of this on-premise data into our private cloud and recover on to your ship-to-site equipment to reduce recovery time objectives significant and let your IT team focus on rectifying the underlying issue that has caused the outage.

Here are 5 Benefits of the Ship-to-Site Solution:


  1. 24/7/365 – Invocation Helpline to ensure that your replacement equipment is with you as quickly as possible
  2. Delivering – equivalent or better equipment to replace your broken kit for up to 100 days without any additional fees
  3. Rehearsal – One test per annum is built into the contract to ensure that, if invoked, we can install the equipment quickly into your environment
  4. Value – No need for you to buy duplicated redundant kit as we have a huge inventory to meet your needs
  5. Experts – with over 25-year in the business we understand how to help recover your environment and get you back to business-as-usual, fast


ADAM Continuity – providing the UK’s finest Ship-to-Site solutions to meet our customers’ Hybrid Cloud environments