Hybrid Cloud Backup & Recovery – “Rapid recovery either locally or in the Cloud”

Client Story

A well-known medium sized London based Law firm recently refreshed their infrastructure and had a mixture of physical and virtual servers, all based at their head office. Due to the nature of their business, their systems needed to be recovered quickly and efficiently in the event of any system outage, with particular focus on making sure that performance speeds were maintained for key business applications.
ADAM Continuity implemented their Hybrid Cloud solution. This service takes a snapshot of the customer’s entire server infrastructure on a regular (hourly) basis. These images are saved to a local device and then they are replicated to a secure private UK Cloud. This solution gives the client the ability to recover their infrastructure within seconds on the on-site device or, in the event of a full site disaster, in the secure Cloud where the servers are seeded and made available in just a few minutes. This allows the client to be back to business-as-usual, minimising downtime, and securing continuity.


  • Minimising Recovery Point Objectives (RPO) – Frequent data snapshots are taken to meet your objectives to ensure marginal data loss.
  • Fast Recovery Time Objectives (RTO) – Your data can be recovered in a matter of seconds to your local device and a few minutes to the Cloud allowing you full access to all your data and applications.
  • Unlimited Data Retention – Keep all of your replicated and backup data indefinitely in a secure Cloud, the confidence of recovering it at any time.
  • Cyber-Attack Detection – System algorithms constantly hunt for any potential ransomware and malware infections and then quickly alert users to minimise any long-term impact.
  • Test and Development – Customers have the ability to utilise the local device as a ‘sandbox’ testing ground allowing, for example, the capability to trial software updates before deployment to the live environment.
  • Easy Search – Utilise the easy user interface or ADAM’s Service Desk to quickly identify and restore files from the local device or the Cloud.
  • Highly Secure – All customer data takes advantage of having 256-bit encryption whilst on the local device, during transit and in the secure Cloud.
  • Backup Validation – Reporting tools automatically let the user know the status of their backup and replications allowing full control and confidence of the secondary datasets.
  • Multiple Platform Support – Protect your Windows, Apple, and Linux operating systems.
  • Fully Managed Service – ADAM Continuity will monitor and maintain the local and Cloud devices and will provide 24/7/365 support covering any invocation and support requests.

Service Overview

ADAM Continuity’s Hybrid Cloud Recovery solution gives companies the best of both worlds. The ability to rapidly recover their IT systems on a local device, maximising network speed, or in the event of a full site disaster, the ability to spin-up the full (or part) IT environment in a secure Cloud.
Snapshot images are taken of the entire server environment as frequently as every 5 minutes. These are then replicated to a secure Cloud using 256-bit encryption whilst in transit and at rest. These images can then be recovered on the local device or in the Cloud within seconds. Also, be assured that the backups still continue even when invoked in a full disaster situation.
The ADAM Continuity Recovery Service Desk experts will monitor and maintain the solution to make sure that you are always ready if the unexpected occurs. The support team will be able to bring your systems up on-demand, 24/7/365, ensuring your business’ full continuity and minimising the impact of any downtime.