High Availability Recovery Services – “Rapid Recovery with multiple frequent recovery points”

Client Story

A large metropolitan law practice required a fully managed, outsourced service provision to guarantee that their email system could be fully restored within 15 minutes, minimising downtime and data loss and meeting their business’ objectives.
An ADAM High Availability and Recovery Service (HARS) was chosen to provide near real-time replication to meet and exceed the customer’s expectations. Their entire continuity solution is maintained and pro-actively managed and monitored by ADAM Continuity’s award winning customer service team. All invocations are fully supervised by ADAM Continuity to maximise success, and in addition ADAM will undertake contracted annual rehearsals to prove system integrity.


  • Minimise Data Loss – In the event of an invocation systems can be quickly restored from the replicated off-site data sets. An essential solution to greatly reduce the impact from cyber-attacks.
  • Fully Managed Service – Let ADAM Continuity alleviate the burden of you managing your replicated data solution and data retrieval when invoked.
  • Offsite Data Retention – Your data is replicated to ADAM’s secure Tier-3 facility and can be rapidly recovered onto our Cloud infrastructure (DRaaS).
  • Multi-Platform – HARS can be delivered on Hybrid or Private Cloud infrastructures and supports agnostic server platforms.
  • As-a-Service – ADAM Continuity will provide you a ‘no hidden cost’ fixed price solution throughout your engagement minimising the need for any capital expenditure and assisting you meet your budget objectives.
  • Contracted SLA’s – Mutually agreed Service Level Agreements (SLAs) are defined from the outset.
  • Service Integrity – Annual rehearsals are an inherent part of our fully managed service and provides you with the confidence and security that your data and systems have the correct continuity provisioning.

Service Overview

ADAM Continuity’s High Availability and Replication Service (HARS) is designed to protect our clients data and infrastructure utilising our suite of backup, replication and failover hardware and software technologies. Therefore in a scenario of business interruption the customer’s data and applications, (that are hosted on our protected Cloud) can be re-provisioned quickly minimising any downtime.
Annual rehearsals are delivered remotely from our secure Tier-3 data centre, allowing our customers to connect from their own facility to test their recovered environment. This method maximises our client’s time management and minimises any costs involved because it negates the need to travel.
Selecting from award winning technologies including Datto, Veeam, and BIPS, ADAM Continuity are able to provide High Availability and Recovery Services that suit our client’s infrastructure meeting their stakeholder objectives. With our 25 years experience in this sector you can rely and fully trust ADAM Continuity with your company’s data replication and restoration requirements.