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Recently, phrases such as “Cyber-attack”, “data theft” and “identity theft” have become part of everyday language and no longer seen as terms used by IT professionals.

As a lot of devices, which we use in the “Internet of things” are quickly superseded by the latest model, version, etc., people are increasingly disposing of their devices without giving due consideration to what data is held on the devices and what information the device could them access to.  A simple file delete or even a factory reset will not prevent an individual or an organisation from finding a way of accessing this information and making using of it for their own ends.

We now live in a world where technology is capable of storing and sharing sensitive information including your personal details, your banking information, where you travel to, where you shop, what sports you take part in and much, much more.

Many companies will also record your internet search history, be it what you have typed into your web browser or searched for using verbal commands through “Intelligent personal assistants” such as Apple’s “Siri”, Google’s “OK Google” to name but two.  These voice searches remain held by the search providers indefinitely.   It is then possible for these organisations to work out voice patterns, which now seem to be the latest security method for internet services such as banking.

Adam Continuity have a long standing relationship with Blancco, a company that can ensure that data is securely and permanently removed from many devices from your smartphone to your data centre.

Rather than simply disposing of your device or passing it on to someone who’s intentions may not be clear, make sure that your data and your security cannot be compromised!

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