A common misconception of Cloud Backup is that it’s expensive and for early adopters, this may have been the case.
In its infancy, to move your backups to the cloud you could be looking at a hefty upfront cost to scope and install the solution along with a considerable £ per Gb cost just to store a backup.

This is no longer the case, as technology advances and the market becomes more competitive both the initial cost and ongoing costs have reduced significantly to make cloud backup a genuine alternative to tape backup.

With the cost of a cloud backup solution in line with the investment needed to update a tape environment and the relevant tape rotation and storage contracts the real question is… what are the pros and cons of each solution?



Tape BackupCloud Backup
Managed internally, you have control.Automated nightly backups.
Internally tried and tested.Simple to create & manage different generations of backups.
Cost-effective offsite backup.Copy of recent backups stored on-site as well as in the cloud for easy restoration.
Reduction in failed backups & failed backups highlighted instantly.
Instantly start recovery either on-site or remotely.
Ability to store data in multiple locations with ease.
Granular or full system recovery.



Tape BackupCloud Backup
Delay in starting recovery due to calling back tape from storage.Potential for increase in internet bandwidth requirement.
Failed backups only identified when recovery attempted.Can’t access your data if you don’t have internet access.
Equipment needed to perform recovery.
No data tape format allows for true random access to data.


At ADAM Continuity we use Carbonite Server Backup to provide our customers with a cost-effective, reliable cloud backup solution.

Server Backup can provide an RPO of up to 12 hours, in conjunction with our numerous recovery platforms we can have you back up and running in no time should your data become unavailable in a live environment.

You’ll be assigned a dedicated service desk representative who will monitor your backups, highlight any failed backups and perform annual service reviews to ensure your cloud environment remains big enough to cope with your ever-increasing demands.

For more information, please contact an ADAM Continuity representative;

Email –   advice@adam.co.uk

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