Why you should consider Office Recovery even if you have your data in the cloud. 

With more and more people using mobile devices, and company’s data being held in the public cloud there is a feeling that in the event of your offices being unavailable, then your staff can work from home until the situation is resolved.

In the short term this is a viable option, but once the situation lasts […]

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Top ten threats to your Business

According to the Business Continuity Institutes 2018 Horizon Scan the ten top threats to Businesses in 2018 are:

Cyber Attack
Data Breach
Unplanned IT and telecom Outages
Interruption to Utility Supply
Adverse Weather
Act of Terrorism
Security Incident
Supply Chain Disruption
Transport Network Disruption.

Over the next few weeks, The team at Adam are  going […]

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It’s not if it fails – it’s when it fails.

I have been looking at Backblaze’s disk stats recently. Backblaze are an online backup company who publish stats on the failure rates of the hard drives they use to provide their storage infrastructure. Every quarter they publish a list of the drives they have, how many days usage they have and how many failed. Every […]

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Why Cloud Backup isn’t Business Continuity.

One of the most common reasons I see for unacceptable recovery times is a reliance on cloud based backup. Pushing data off site every night is easy, especially in modern paradigms where we only have to send out the changed bits rather than a full copy of the local data. The problem with cloud backup […]

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Ransomware Resilience

According to a recent Ransomware study undertaken by Datto, 95% of IT service providers’ customers fell victim of a strain of Crypto in the past 12 months. What is Crypto? It is a type of ransomware that will take your files hostage by ‘scrambling’ the contents, it then demands a ransom in exchange for a […]

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Are you prepared for a Ransomware Epidemic?

ADAM Continuity’s Hybrid Cloud Service <http://www.adam.co.uk/hybrid-cloud-backup-recovery> provides data retention and recovery options, both on our customer’s premises and the ability to fully failover into a private cloud. This class-leading solution provides very fast recovery times minimising downtime and meeting legislative and stakeholder expectations. Our solution also contains three powerful tools to help you counter today’s […]

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Email is Critical to Your Business- What Happens If Your Servers Go Down?

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The average medium sized company wastes £4,900 every hour its employees aren’t working effectively*.
Mail server outages have immediate, catastrophic effects on your organisation’s ability to communicate with its clients and stakeholders. The resultant financial losses aren’t limited to the period email isn’t available, the long term reputational damage could be […]

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Disaster Recovery as a Service- Why Do We Need It?

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DRaaS- Disaster Recovery as a Service
Disaster recovery is more important today than ever before. Why? Because data is more important and organizations are collecting more of it than ever before.
Consider this:

According to Enterprise Strategy Group, 74% of organizations are backing up more than 11 terabytes of data.
77% of organizations […]

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Friday Share: Data Disposal in the Internet of Things

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This week’s article is provided by Craig Stephens:

Recently, phrases such as “Cyber-attack”, “data theft” and “identity theft” have become part of everyday language and no longer seen as terms used by IT professionals.

As a lot of devices, which we use in the “Internet of things” are quickly superseded by the […]

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Friday Share: Air Gapping- How ADAM provide solutions to minimise the disruption from cyber-attacks

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This week’s article is provided by Ian Burleton:

Today’s ADAM Blog share is about air-gapping as a defence against ransomware. What is air-gapping I hear you cry? Put simply it is physically isolating  IT systems from network access, either internet, local network or both.

Critical government & military environments already employ air-gapping […]

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