ADAM Continuity’s Hybrid Cloud Service <> provides data retention and recovery options, both on our customer’s premises and the ability to fully failover into a private cloud. This class-leading solution provides very fast recovery times minimising downtime and meeting legislative and stakeholder expectations. Our solution also contains three powerful tools to help you counter today’s ever-growing Ransomware threats:

  1. Proactive Data Threat Monitoring – Our Hybrid Cloud Backup & Recovery solution monitors replication and backup data sets as they are transferred to the Cloud, searching for signs of Malware, Ransomware and Viruses. This proactive intelligent management tool then alerts Centerprise’s Managed Service Desk for investigation. This action will help capture any unsolicited activity before they become a potential risk.
  2. Virtualized Local Rollback – The ability to recover local data ‘safe sets’ as virtual machines; local and ‘sandboxed’, they can be safely evaluated for infection, providing the ability to clean and repair the snapshot before you restore to your production environment. There is also the capability to deploy the local virtualized image as a live server while you fix the problem on the failed system.
  3. Full Cloud Recovery – If the problem escalates, you have the ability to quickly failover and access your entire protected environment, to a designated point in time, in our secure cloud.

Have full confidence that this is all supported as a Fully Managed Service by Centerprise’s Professional Services team, and underpinned by ADAM Continuity – market leaders in continuity solutions for over 20 years.

Contact Centerprise’s ADAM Continuity today to learn more about our fully-managed Hybrid Cloud Backup & Recovery solution and our other market-leading continuity solutions.