Our Partners

Our Partners help to build the trusted reliable service we promise to deliver. We have long-term relationships with world class solution providers, making sure we're collectively a cut above the rest. Read on to discover the two types of Partners we work with.




Working With You & Your Clients

ADAM have been supplying to partners for over 14 years, ranging from small VAR resellers to the large blue chip organisations like IBM & Dell.  Our partnerships are successful because we provide an appropriate level of initial and ongoing training to give your team a good understanding of our solutions. In addition we are on hand to provide answers to specific day to day questions either by phone or email, whenever advice is needed.


Extending Your Sales Team


ADAM’s sales force will work with you and your clients in whichever way best suits your go to market model. We can either provide training to your sales team to sell and promote our solutions, or become an extended part of you sales team; visiting your clients with you and helping manage opportunities end to end.


Some partners like us to work on a mix of the two – for example in different verticals or where there is a mix of technical knowledge in your sales teams. We will agree the rules of engagement in a framework document based on your specific needs.


Rewarding Your Loyalty


We don’t have a standard, flat rate, channel reward program as we believe that the more clients you introduce us to, the bigger the rewards you should receive. We are flexible in our approach to a partnership and over the years, two main partner types have proven to be the most popular.

Primary Contact Partners

Primary Contact Partner: Where you own the contract and relationship with your client. The Client will remain as your customer and the account management can either be done by your team or with our assistance.


You invoice the customer direct and the contract will start on the date that we receive payment. Upon invocation, your customer invokes the contract either with you, or direct with our 24 hour emergency number.


Referral Partners

Being a Referral Partner means that the contract is with ADAM Continuity; you pass us opportunities as they are uncovered and, once closed and paid, you will receive the referral fee.


Client management is undertaken by ADAM's team and we will look after the invocation too, from start to finish.


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