Working With You & Your Clients

ADAM have maintained a healthy partner channel since 1994. Successfully bringing added value and benefits to partners who range from smaller VAR resellers to global Blue Chip organisations. Our partner relationships are beneficial to you because of our flexibility in engagement and emphasis on a ‘win-win’ philosophy. We aim to be an enabler to our partners, providing appropriate training in solutions as well as providing hands on support to you throughout your end-client agreements.


The two main reasons for engaging as a partner with ADAM Continuity are:


  • Extending Your Sales Team


ADAM Continuity’s Sales Team work with our partners, and their clients, in a way that best suits all parties. We believe that the most beneficial way is to actively educate your sales teams around our services and empower to sell and promote ADAM’s solutions. Also, be assured that ADAM Continuity will fully support you during the full life cycle of future opportunities; from finding new opportunities from your clients and prospects, through value proposition and benefit demonstration to commissioning and service delivery.


  • Rewarding Your Loyalty


ADAM Continuity believe in building strong and loyal relationships by rewarding appropriately, ensuring the partnership is mutually beneficial.


There are two main methods to participate in our Partner Program:


    • Partner Managed - The partner fully owns and manages the end-user client contract. ADAM Continuity will add value to the management of the client as required and where requested by the partner. For example, if the end-user client should invoke ADAM Continuity’s services they could either do so through the partner or by directly contacting ADAM’s emergency invocation line.


    • Partner Referral The contract and end-user relationship resides with ADAM Continuity. Partners pass ADAM Continuity the opportunities as they are uncovered and, once won and the contract begins, a pre-agreed referral fee is paid.


Find Out More


Get in touch via our Contact Us page to initiate a meeting which will hopefully lead to us forming a close business partnership.

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