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ADAM specialise in providing recovery solutions to ensure continuity of your business, regardless of the incident. Our success is based on our proven expertise in delivering Class-Leading Solutions and providing a first class client experience.





We've put together a list of Frequently Asked Questions to help point you in the right direction. If you have any other questions please contact us.




Q. How do you ensure that the equipment I need is available when I invoke?

A. We provide services on both a syndicated and dedicated basis, depending on client requirements. For services such as Ship-to-site, the majority of our stock equipment is syndicated in order to provide a cost effective solution with a known risk ratio. We manage our syndicated offerings, using our in-house “ORAC” risk management application, to record and report on utilisation and geographical use at an item level.


This granular approach enables us to consistently service our clients testing and multiple invocation demands across all platforms, without issue. Factors such as Client location, neighbours, industry sector and history of interruption are all factors that are considered when allocating and distributing each and every asset.

Q. What constitutes a Disaster?

A. A disaster is an unplanned event defined by you, the Client. There is no small print. It can be a terrorist bomb, fire, flood or theft, or it can be far more typical day-to-day interruptions such as power failure, server downtime, or even operational emergencies requiring extra computer technology.


All business interruption events are covered 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Q. What if I need equipment for a planned event?

A. No problem, just let us know in good time and subject to availability we will let you have it from our non-Client stock for a small weekly fee.

Q. Who owns the equipment?

A. We own all of our Disaster Recovery stock. As we own it, we retain responsibility for its ongoing maintenance and replacement; regardless of where it is.

Q. Could I buy your equipment from you when it has been invoked?

A. Of course. Because we own our equipment, unlike most of the Industry who lease it, we will sell it to you at a negotiated price and then replace our stock.

Q. Who delivers the equipment when I invoke Mobile or Ship-to-Site?

A. Our contract with you commits us to recovering you as quickly as possible. We will deliver the equipment to you within the contracted delivery time. Where appropriate we will use couriers for small preconfigured items, but, due to the Managed Recovery aspect of our service, we would normally expect one of our drivers to deliver your requirements together with the appropriate number of recovery specialists.

Q. What is the difference between ‘Delivery Time’ and ‘Response Time’?

A. ADAM Continuity is the only provider to contract to Delivery Times – this is the time we will arrive at your chosen site. Our Industry colleagues would prefer to quote Response Times which is defined as the time that they will leave their premises. You will need to add the journey time to a Response Time to gauge an accurate time on your site.

Q. Could I invoke your service at the weekend?

A. We recognise that you don’t know when an incident will occur so our Recovery Specialists are ready to respond to your problem 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. You can invoke at any time of the day, any time of the year and for any business interruption.

Q. What happens if I need to change the contract?

A. ADAM Continuity is proud of its standard contract flexibility. You will have regular contact from your named Client Manager to discuss the changes in business needs that all our clients need to address.

Q. If, when I invoke, I realise I need extra equipment, could you add it to the contract?

A. Our regular and detailed Client Management meetings should ensure that your contract always reflects your requirement in a business interruption. Allowing any of our Clients additional equipment during a disaster immediately affects the risk to other Clients, by drawing on equipment that is part of their syndicate and reducing the chances of service delivery. We do not allow this under any circumstance. However, it may be possible to provide additional equipment from our non-syndicated stock but this is absolutely subject to availability – we promise we will do our best to help you out.

Q. Is the contract cheaper if I don’t want the rehearsals each year?

A. No. Rehearsals are part of the service that we insist each of our Clients take advantage of. They always identify areas in the plan and its service delivery that can be improved and updated to reflect changes in the Client’s requirement. They are also a vital area for us in getting to know your specific requirements that cannot be conveyed in a written contract.

Q. Who are your other Clients?

A. Our Client base reflects businesses of all sizes and industry sectors. This has meant that we have significant experience of dealing with a host of different risks and threats, as well as responding directly to disasters of all types.

Q. Will my documents remain secure?

A. We employ recognised and accredited encryption standards in order to safeguard your data. Whilst our standard recommended encryption is 256 bit AES, we will consult with you to ensure your expectations are met. Adam do not expect to hold encryption keys for our clients.

Q. What are the supported Operating Systems?

A. We support the majority of IT platforms on the market today. Including, but not limited to:

Windows Server, i-Series (OS/400), p-Series (AIX), Sun Solaris, Linux, HP-UX, DEC, Vax, MicroVax, Cisco, HP Procurve, NetApps, HP ESX/P2000/Lefthand and EMC.

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