Virtual Office Recovery

Signing an Agreement is just the beginning ...

It's what happens next that makes us different

Imagine a Business Continuity Plan without the need for expensive Work Area Seats!

For many years Business Continuity has focused on losing your normal building and relocating to a third party Recovery Centre, often many miles from your normal work place. Your critical staff, because that is all you could afford to cater for, then have to wait for Applications and Data to be restored before they can get back to any resemblance of normal working. Whilst this is happening your critical staff are worried about data they have saved on their desktop as this will not be restored at their new PC.

Oh, and don’t forget the staff that are not regarded as critical, who are at home, doing nothing, waiting for a call to tell them when they will be required!

That can all change if you subscribe to ADAM Continuity’s Virtual Office Recovery solution. Priced per user it includes the following;

  • Staff relocate to their home or nominated internal location
  • Laptops or PCs delivered as required
  • Each user’s personal desktop profile available in minutes
  • Applications and data securely restored to users hardware at home
  • Direct phone numbers diverted to home PC hardware
  • No costly hotel bills for relocated staff
  • No costly Work Area Seat premiums

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